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The true natural resources of Orissa

Orissa is fast speeding towards becoming the industrial and business hub of India and this journey has mainly been possible due to its rich natural resources such as iron ore, bauxite, and chromite. Orissa has been blessed abundantly with these resources and they are the driving force for Orissa’s success in the industrial sector as is evident from the business news today about Orissa. However, Orissa has something more beautiful and natural than these natural resources and they are the lovely and stunning tourist spots.

Destinations highlighted in Odia news

One of the places most often mentioned is Daringbadi, also known as the ‘Kashmir of Orissa’. It is famous for its coffee gardens, pine jungles, and beautiful valleys. The heart of Orissa is dotted with beautiful waterfalls such as the Barehipani Falls and Khandadhar Falls, which are two of the highest falls of India. One of the most popular destinations of Orissa is the Chilika Lake and the Chilika Bird Sanctuary. Other attractions include the Hirakud dam, Khandagiri caves, and the Dhauli hills. The Odisha Samaya is definitely to be commended for providing the Odia news and updates about the true resources of Orissa.

The natural resources of Orissa in business news today

Although the maximum revenue of Orissa comes from industries and agriculture, the tourism industry is fast catching up with the economic targets due to its popular attractions and destinations. Important features from tourism point of view include wildlife reserves and sanctuaries, beaches, temples, festivals, and monuments. Tourism in Orissa has seen a lot of growth due to the efforts of the government in terms of policies, infrastructure development, improvement of tourist destinations, and hospitality services. Also, the state has been very conveniently divided into circuits which enable the tourists to get around easily.

The Orissa tourism industry has a number of investment opportunities in hotels, transportation, and telecommunication. Tourism here also has classes such as beach tourism and medical tourism. There is no doubt that the government of Orissa has very painstakingly brought tourism to its current stage. You can find out more about the latest trends of the Orissa tourism industry in the Odisha Samaya.