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Hey~ Regarding this edit... I'm used to just link to one language and let the bots take care of the rest. Don't we have any interwiki bot? • Ekevu • 22h40min de 11 de Fevereiro de 2008 (UTC)

Not that I know of. We could try running something like this, although I do not know if it would need any adaption for Wikia. --GreenReaper(talk) 23h16min de 11 de Fevereiro de 2008 (UTC)

Hey GreenReaper, its Uren Husky. If the texts must be independent and impartial, why some users of Portuguese version of WikiFur are using it to defend their interests? - Uren Husky - 20:21 em 20 de Setembro de 2011

The Tame Talk Show Translation[editar]

Sorry, I really don't know how to send a more private message here... But thanks a lot for translate the article about The Tame Talk Show. It's excelent! ^_^ I only added few informations for those who isn't Brazilians, like about Cid Moreira and the joke in the name Peidola... Hwei Chow

It's OK, public messages are recommended anyway for transparency. Thanks for the tweaks to the article. :-) --GreenReaper(talk) 02h01min de 29 de Fevereiro de 2008 (UTC)

Olá Green Reaper[editar]

Saludos from Brazil. The people are afraid to post articles here. I'm not ashamed admitting that I'm furry, at least I think so. I'm a rabbit but I do not hide under the bed. Best regards Independent and Neutral 22h41min de 12 de dezembro de 2009 (UTC) Aimoré, rabbit


I have a question to do. I've looking around and I didn't find any recommendation text on the WikiFur about "What you can do" and "What you don't do", erm, What kind of text is acceptable here. Or anything about the policy of WikiFur. Thanks! Independent and Neutral 00h19min de 13 de dezembro de 2009 (UTC)

See en:WikiFur:Policies and guidelines - if you have any questions after that, feel free to ask! GreenReaper 00h24min de 13 de dezembro de 2009 (UTC)

Test, just a test[editar]

Hello. And Bye.