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Regional language newspapers and its place in Indian press

With the advent of technology, in particular the advancement of the different aspects of the internet, we have started thinking and speaking more and more in English rather than our regional languages. Although this is very important in the current employment scenario and to stay on par with people from different backgrounds and nationalities, it is, at the same time, important to learn and converse in our regional languages too as they define us as Indians.

A very important position in our lives is held by the media which is the main source of news and entertainment. It is heartening to note that there are a lot of newspapers that are published in regional languages all over India. One example is the Odisha Samaya which publishes oriya news live online. There are also a number of other newspapers and news channels which provide Odia news to the people of Orissa.

Media is not only a source of news and entertainment, it also represents our history and traditions which define our nationality. In such a scenario, media has a lot of power to influence the thought processes and mindset of the people. A major step in this direction is the advancement of the regional languages by operating a part of the media industry in non-English languages. The Odisha Samaya which provides Oriya news is read by a huge majority of the people of Orissa and is much appreciated.

The advantage of Odia news daily provided by the Odisha Samaya is that it helps in providing information to that section of the population of Orissa who do not have access to an English medium of education, so that they too can make use of opportunities to bring about a change in their lives and country. This newspaper’s popularity is an indication of the extent of its influence in Orissa.