Rüffy Siegfried

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Rüffy Sieg is a homossexual black and red lion, live in Brazil, more specificaly in Rio de Janeiro. In real life, he like to be called Stephen or Steph. Met the Furry Fandom in early 2018, when he discovered something that changed his life. He made a huge amount of friends, fell in love with some of them, and his social life has expanded from the beginning.


Affectionate, sensitive and sentimental (although may not seem very much), but also irritated at times. Despite this, he love giving love to people he love. In fact, one of the things Rüffy most wants is to have someone's love.

This year, he's going to BrasilFurFest2019 with his friends, and he look forward to this date. He believes it will be some of the best days of his life to this day.


He like Furry arts, but mostly Yiffs. He's doing drawing course, and as have good results, he will be a Furry art maker. Besides, he want to be Murrsuiter.

One of the other things he love is singing. Want to work with it too, because he feel like he's good at it and people like his voice. Currently, his favorite band is One Direction, and his favorite style of music is Pop.

Rüffy play many card games (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, for example), but also play many PC games and consoles. His favorite game company is Nintendo and favorite game genre is RPG.

As a kid, loved watching anime, including Dragon Ball Z (all series), Pokémon, Inazuma Eleven, and even literally Furry anime, like The Cat Returns. However, The Ancient Magus Bride is his favorite anime.

Curiosities About the Fursona[editar]

  • Before, the name Rüffy was Yüffy, but was changed to the way it is, because some people find it suggestive.
  • When he entered Fandom, Rüffy wished to have a tiger fursona, which would be hybrid, with characteristics also of a wolf.