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Links between languages[editar]


When you make new pages, please link them with the WikiFur pages in other languages.


  • You will get more visitors and more updates if you link from pages in other languages to the pages here.
  • Links to pages in other languages help visitors get information that has not been translated, and help you update your own pages.

How to link[editar]

  • Go to the English WikiFur to see if it has a page about the topic.
  • If it does:
    • Add [[pt:YourArticleName]] to the bottom of the article, after everything else.
    • Add [[en:EnglishArticleName]] to the bottom of your article.
    • If there are any other language links on the English page, copy them and put them on your page; then follow them and add [[pt:YourArticleName]] to the page in the other language.
  • If there is no English page, try adding one! Even if it is just a stub, it may be useful to someone. It does not matter if your English is not good, others can fix it.
  • If you want to make a normal link to an English WikiFur page, like the one above, do this: [[:en:EnglishArticleName|link description]]
  • If you are translating a template, put the interlanguage links inside a "noinclude" section, like this: <noinclude>[[pt:Predefinição:Página de testes‎]]</noinclude>. This means it will not make a link on the pages that use the template. --GreenReaper(talk) 21h28min de 8 de Fevereiro de 2008 (UTC)